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We believe that personal communication and personal contact can make a special impact on the customer.Face-to-face events are an important and supplementary element, especially when digital channels use in an high level for the communication. As you may know, despite all digitalization efforts, face-to-face events are an especially important element in communication. After all, on a personal level, customer loyalty develops within minutes, whereas with digital media, it is only possible with great effort that pays off very slowly. That's why we invite you to our personal conferences in August, to get to know each other more. To our event we bring interesting partners from the tourism industry for you to get first-hand information and tips that will make your sale unique.
Join us an let’s bring a PLUS to your agency.

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13th of November 2018 +++++ Dresden +++++
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14th of November 2018 +++++ Bautzen +++++
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15th of November 2018 +++++ Berlin +++++
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If as a service provider, the personal and direct exchange with travel agents is important to you and would like to participate in one of the roadshows, you can find further information here.

Any questions?
Dr. Antonio Roldan is available on +49 (0) 351 - 879 00 171 for questions about the roadshow.

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