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It´s rather difficult to make good marketing in german tourism, when you are a small hotel or hotel chain. It´s like pouring money down the drain, when you did not know anything about your target groups on site. Our experience and best networking can make it happen. We offer the complete package. On the one hand, our sales department. We are talking to our distribution channel - the travel agencies, who are well versed in your destination. On the other hand we offer tailor-made concepts. This one should suit and fit you, so give us a call.

Here is a little abstract. For further information give us a call.

Myhotelplus Roadshow

Personal dialogue is important to us.
Accompany us on our roadshow series Myhotelplus and benefit from meeting with travel agency specialists across different cities and great locations as part of these evening events which run for several days. Using a mix of travel markets, expert interviews and quizzes is a fun and also effective way of combining the goals of providing information and communication.

Myhotelplus Newsletter

Exclusive, fast and flexible.
The content and layout of emails are all fully customized to meet your requirements. The emails come exclusively from Myhotelplus. You can use our agency employee emails to help educate customers, increase loyalty and increase awareness of products and brands.

Myhotelplus Banner

Advertising short and sweet.
Place advertising banners on the Myhotelplus-travel agency login aerea. This allows you to promote new offers, to raise your profile and to increase brand recognition all in a highly targeted way. Your ad should be brief, clear and credible. On average, a user looks at a banner ad for about 3 seconds. Enough time to get the right message across. Well put your ad in the right place.