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Güral Premier Tekirova

What guests say:

Lisa Strube: „Here we had our best family vacation ever - great hotel, everyone finds his place!“

Paloma Grida Resort & Spa

What guests say:

Werner Becker: „Once Grida always Grida! Great food and a great entertainment for children.“

Paloma Oceana

What guests say:

Olaf Meyer: „A beautiful and spacious hotel on a lovely beach!“


How does it work?


What is myhotelplus?


Idea. Concept. Implementation.

Paloma Grida Resort Spa

Myhotelplus - For you with service partners on road

*** We believe that personal communication and personal contact can make a special impact on the customer.Face-to-face events are an important and supplementary element, especially when digital channels use in an high level for the communication. As you may know, despite all digitalization efforts, face-to-face...
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What is your PLUS?

*** To get an answer to this question visit Myhotelplus at the ITB 2018! Each one of us wants a PLUS. A travel agency - the PLUS of bookings. A hotel - the PLUS of guests. Myhotelplus presents itself this year again at the ITB, the world's leading tourism fair. Our on-site team provides first-hand information...
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